Listen & Research

Our goal is simple. Start with the end goal as our main focus. No matter the media, our objective is always to deliver a message & ignite our preferred reaction.

Are you looking to increase sales? Improve attendance? Create awareness?

Let’s work together to pinpoint your goals. Once we identify your target, we can develop a strategy to hit it.

At iTEAM Creative, we believe that even the small things have an effect on your end goal. From colors and phrases to furniture and cosmetics – interaction with your clients creates an experience. Each experience creates an emotion. We take everything into account when working to make sure that end emotion is geared toward your end goal.

Create & Refine

Once we have reached this stage, we work closely with our clients during the creation and review process. We understand that time is money and when it comes to yours, we are not interested in wasting either.

From logos and websites to radio and video, we always develop initial compositions and drafts for review and approval. This helps us assure, together with our clients, that we are creating an end product that suits their brand.

Package & Deliver

Once proofs are approved and artwork is finalized, we will deliver the goods, where and when you need them. From printed materials to installed graphics, we will do our best to be on-time every time.

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